Question: How many orangutans are affected by the deforestation because of the palm oil trees?

Answer: 80% of the orangutan population are affected by the palm oil crisis. This means that the total population of orangutans have plummeted by 80% since 2000.

Question: I really like some palm oil products like Luna Bars. I have them almost every day in lunch. Does this mean I have to completely stop eating them?

Answer: This doesn't mean that you have to stop eating Luna bars, but you should try to stop consuming so many. You should shorten your servings to maybe 2 bars a week. By doing this, you will be starting to save the orangutans. I hope you start this!

Question: What is the point of having palm oil in something? Are there any advantages? Are there any disadvantages?

Answer: The advantages are that palm oil trees grow and are harvested much faster than any other trees. That means more money. The disadvantages are that it is killing the orangutans because  their trees and food sources are disappearing. Help save the orangutans.

Question: Why don't all companies agree to only use sustainable palm oil?

Answer: Most companies make a lot of money, and want to keep making more, by using palm oil, it costs a lot less. Sustainable palm oil costs more, and companies won't want to pay bills like that. And companies don't want to loose money. But this option is what's better for the environment.

Question: Why do people want to use palm oil in their businesses?

Answer: People want palm oil because it is the cheapest and fastest oil producing crop. If you would like to learn more about palm oil check our About Palm Oil page.

Question: What happens if my mom buys a product that has palm oil in it?

Answer: You may make your mom aware, tell her about the palm oil crisis. Then try to keep her from buying the product, see if you can find a replacement product!

Question: What if there's a product that I need, what do I do?

Answer: To answer your question, we believe that you should try to find a product that does the same thing as the other product that doesn't contain palm oil. Try using Dove products, the company is a member of the R.S.P.O. If you would like to see a list of products that are certified, check out our "What you can do to help" page.

Photo Credit: Mongabay
Information Credit: Kenna & Emily

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